Tuesday, March 13, 2007

The Streets’ Mike Skinner Cuts Off His Beard!!!

For those standing on outside of the loop – looking on as if it were a foreign object on the bottom of your Air Force 1’s – worry not; all will be revealed...

The Streets frontman has been touring Australia for the past few months – spending most of his time in Sydney amidst, “38-degree-in-the-shade based” heat. Whilst over there he allowed his facial fur to grow to lengths resembling a wild bushman. Even he had to admit on his award winning Blog, “My beard is out of control.” For avid Streets fans you’ll be pleased to know he continued that particular sentence with, “Album is sounding good, though.”


Reaction to the original images of thus beard came straight away and Streets enthusiasts soon left a comment or two. The best of which came from Sexy Sam aka Drunken Diva, it was simple and to the point, following the main gist of the rest of the remarks, “AHHHH MIKEY!!! WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU THINKING?? PLEASE SHAVE IT OFF!!!” Other words used to describe Skinner’s new features were as follows, “rank”, “sick” and “mangy”.

Now Mike is back on UK soil he didn’t waste any time in sorting his lower facial region. Whist revealing a new pic, he tells readers, “My chin and face are back. The beard reached its peak the other night when I saw my new favourite band.” He continues with record label talk, “I can't believe 679 just signed The Rifles cos they are MY band.” Yes the same Rifles who were on Soccer AM, “This led me to believe a lot more people knew about my band than I thought. Anyway they are MY band and when they get massive I want you to remember that.”

To read/ make comments on Skinner’s new baby face get on over to MySpace.com/thestreets, where you’ll be greeted by insightful observations like the one from The Streets’ MySpace “friend” Max Power “U LOOK 16 lol”.