Thursday, January 25, 2007

Just Jack Helps Samsung Launch Their New MP3 Players


The day after finding out his second single, Starz In Their Eyes, was in at No.2, Just Jack was on hand to perform the night away as press and guests talk shop…

Yesterday, Samsung – the proud sponsors of the Chelsea team – launched a new line of swish MP3 players, the YP-T9 and the YP-K3. These two players are due to ride on the back of the success of the popular Samsung YP-K5 and Just Jack was on hand to see the launch went smoothly.

Performing a number of album and MySpace tracks the North Londoner and his band of merry men/ women worked their set. The ever-smiling Jack was on form and PA highlights were I Talk Too Much and Disco Friends. During the set he was surprised that the audience knew the lyrics to lesser known tracks, bellowing “Thanks for knowing the words,” but managed to thank the people who purchased his biggest hit to date “and here’s a track that ONLY got to No.2, but thanks for all of your support,” before performing what many had waited for… Starz In Their Eyes.

On first look the YP-T9 is a slick video and FM radio-enabled portable player which boasts a 30 hour battery life. Its 1.8” colour LCD screen is not too small to view videos, images and album artwork. Available in 1GB, 2GB and 4GB versions it will definitely challenge all other players on the market.

Like a little sibling, the YP-K3 is a more refined audio-focused player and also includes an FM radio. The user-interface and set-up is very easy and the 25 hour battery life is very good considering how small it is. Utilising Samsung’s “trademark glossy piano black” it’s hard to believe they can cram so much into something that’s just 7mm thick.

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