Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Junk Email of the Month [November]: It's Me Christine

You cannot make big returns on an oil company AFTER huge profits are reported. You also can't make them by getting in AFTER successful drilling results. Everyone needs a helping hand at getting in BEFORE the big events, and that's what we are giving you here.

Great product, great sector, tightly held, with great results expected any day. Cana Petroleum is going to make you a winner!

Symbol: CNPM
Current Price: Around $0.78
Projected Price: $5.40

Watch it on Tuesday, December 5th. This one is going to have you wearing a big smile all day long!

Major oil discovery? We are not permitted to say at this point. All we can say is that this one is going to see amazing appreciation in a very short period of time! This is your opportunity. Excel with CNPM!

Norton takes care of about 20 of these a day. Each of them has a different name attached. I hate this email!!!


Anonymous said...

erm... everyone gets these...

Danny Walker said...

Are you taking the urine out of me?