Monday, August 07, 2006

Lovebox: Graffing out

Graffing out
Originally uploaded by Danny Walker 1.

I'm not sure how long this dude was there but boy, this looks kinda nuts!!! If anyone out there went to my Secondary School I know what you're thinking… Mr Punchard??? For those that don't know about the skeleton-faced Punchard, he was a fiery haired CDT teacher with bad breath and thumbnails that had been previously caved in with some kind of blunt object. In fact his breath was so bad you’d only apologise to him to escape the stench – to get an idea of what we went through, imagine someone has been chewing on cow dung for a week and then tried to tell you to, “Please put the hammers back in the cupboard???” And God forbid if a flake of mouth manure managed to escape it’s smelly cavern and make its way to YOUR face!!! (During his tellings off – an inch from a students boat) Jesus, its not ABOUT THAT!!!

Where was I? Oh yeah - big graffiti