Friday, September 02, 2005

Fumin and a fan talk backslang!!!

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Since the chart success of Forward(Pow!), Fumin’s been on numerous DVDs including the door smashing Lord of the Decks 3, been hunted down by several record labels and recently hooked up with Nana, Baby Blu and Dexplicit for the underground hit One Night Stand. Well still unsigned he tells us why there’s no haste, “I don’t wanna rush, it seems like everyone right now is working on some kind of album. I wanna get the solid fan base first and just go platinum straight, you know those ones there!” With the release of his latest EP the heat has once again been reignited, he explains, “The reaction is going down well, I haven’t really put anything in the shops for a while so the feedback I’m getting is cool.” The EP includes street/radio banger Backslang where he speaks in… well… Backslang aka Pigeon Language. He lays down, how it all began, “Well it all started when I was in primary school! The girls would all speak it and we’d be like… what! [Performs what only can be described as Backslang] Yo-va-goo, wha-va-got and all that. Eventually we had to get wise innit. Then we learnt how to speak it. When I made the Backslang tune my mum said to me straight away, she used to do all that when she was at school. It’s got a wide range of people that can pick it up.” And modest about it origins, “I can’t remember how it all came about, we were just mucking about and then something came from nowhere.” Those who used the unique way of communicating back in the day will easily warm to the Crissy Criss produced riddim.
Not only does Backslang steal the show but War also shines, he animatedly tells RWD, “People are loving War as well, probably even more than Backslang. We went in the studio one day and that was just thrown together really. Crissy Criss’ on production there as well. CRISSY CRISS IS THE MAN! Watch out for him, he’s flying.” Not one to leave others behind, Fumes states “We’re all coming through [Fire Camp/Boundary Crew], everyone in the crew are working on their mix CDs and the streets will be flooded soon.”
So what’s next from RWD’s About to Blow star, “The video with Baby Blu and Nana is around the corner, the Fire Camp album is on the way as well and that has a buzz around it too. I’m reppin Fire Camp right now. Yeah, Boundary are still here, we’re just all combined.”


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